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It is conceptual decorative works, reflecting the spirit of time. In these works there is anything that inspires contemporary man: images, events, impressions ...

About Vagan Vog

Career of an artist began in the art of hairdressing. Perfectly mastered the craft, the artist realized that just cut - it's not enough. This world wants more from him. Training system was created by the art of haircuts that allows to share their experience and knowledge. This is the seed of knowledge quickly spread throughout the world, and now Vagan Vog has many successors and students.

A gift to the chief

What to give the person whose tastes and interests you is not very close, but which certainly needs to be pleased with the gift? In other words, what to choose as a gift to the head? First of all, it is not necessary to dwell on the trivial, the standard solution to this complicated puzzle. A gift to the boss should be :

Modern paintings for the interior: a picture book online

When ordering pattern for the interior, consider that ...