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A gift to the chief

Holiday jigsaw: a gift to the chief

What to give the person whose tastes and interests you is not very close, but which certainly needs to be pleased with the gift? In other words, what to choose as a gift to the head? First of all, it is not necessary to dwell on the trivial, the standard solution to this complicated puzzle. A gift to the boss should be :

· original

· expensive

· exclusive.

And no matter what is your relationship with your boss etiquette obliges to congratulate chef calendar holidays. Do not treat this as a manifestation of rolepla or as to the desire, whatever it was to please the higher rank. In order to avoid confusion in the team, deliver to the chief of the General gift, from the entire staff. And the amount of the gift will be much more decent. And therefore, you can choose to be something really interesting, original, and valuable.

Win - win option-buying paintings in the study of the heads. For example, pictures of the President. This gift becomes special status, if You work in a state institution, and Your chief official of high rank. He will appreciate such a gift, and hang it in a conspicuous place in his office. It's not just the usual, "duty" photo of the first person of the country - but a real, exclusive, original painting, which greatly increases the value of the gift. Moreover, the portrait of the President will look great in boss's office.

And here's another situation where a gift in the form of a unique portrait of the President is more than appropriate. This is the birthday (New Year, the Day of Defender of the Fatherland, etc. ) man of power structures. Someone important to maintain a warm, friendly, or at least a good relationship. Such a gift as if to emphasize the position of its destination. And can be absolutely assured that Your gift will never gather dust in the far corner, in a "warm" trinkets, unnecessary and impractical.

If the political subtext is a little confusing, stop your choice on the beautiful, original painting with a neutral subject. It can be as melancholic Russian landscape and vivid, unusual abstraction, or a portrait of the wise ancient ruler. However, when the subject of the picture, better still, it is good to understand the preferences of the gift recipient. Then the offering will be appreciated, and You will be sure that you have done a wonderful gift to an official or to his superior. And, then, if necessary, you can always ask for special leave to remind you about the award or to quickly resolve an important issue, bypassing the bureaucratic red tape of government.

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